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Bar Party Ideas


Bar Party Ideas

There is so much work into throwing a big ole huge succesful party in your bar. However, if done right and much good planning has gone into it, it will end up being a blast and a money maker for all concerned. The bar owner usually makes a good profit,  after costs of the party is subtracted of course. Bartenders and cocktail waitresses usually bring home a big haul of cash because of a super busy bar. They also worked their butts off for that cash and earned every penny, believe me.


Now the thing is, planning a party can be some work and quite expensive. Especially if you are decorating and having food and a band or a DJ.


I threw parties all of the time. I loved them. To much fun that is for sure. The customers LOVE parties !
Any excuse to have a party I would usually do just that.


Seriously though, the more parties the better. It gets your bar talked about. People talk, word of mouth is the best advertising there is ! The following is a list of different ideas for planning a party.


There are so many ways to have a fun ole time in a bar. So just go for it. On this site you will find so many ideas on what to do and how to plan a party that will pretty much guarantee the bar will be packed with happy customers and happy employees and a very happy owner listening to the cash registers just ringing like crazy.



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11 Responses to Bar Party Ideas

  • I want to have a themed party, maybe the 80’s, but I’m not sure, if I should have closed doors and people buys a ticket and have the first drink free and then there’s food. Later we will open the doors for other persons. Or should we have opened doors all night, drop the food and just party – of course with contests and cool 80’s costumes and so on.
    I have the bar in a little village with around 1500-2000 citizens, and when you have a bar you don’t know if anyone is showing up and I really don’t want it to be nothing!
    Another question is, can I throw it a whole weekend, or should i “just” do it Friday or Saturday ?

    • Hi Michelle
      All of your ideas sound great. As for me I never closed the doors to just invited guests. I always kept my parties open to everyone. That is how you get new customers. I always had some kind of food at our parties even if it is just muchies. My favorite was potlucks. Customers were so amazing — they brought so much food in. Then I made lots of stuff also. An 80’s party sounds like a blast. BIG HAIR hahhaha As for an all weekend party — well I never did that — but I think keeping it to one night would be best. I usually had my parties on a Saturday night, because Fridays were always busier than Saturday nights, so the parties helped Saturdays for me. This may not be the same for you — so I would throw your party on the night that is normally slower. Fri or Sat ? Thanks for the comment. Let us know how the party was. Would love to hear all about it.
      Take Care,

  • I am trying to think of a Fall Themed Party and a Winter Holiday party for my bar. I am the new event coordinator and I am having trouble thinking of really good ideas I haven’t heard 1000 times (like an ugly sweater party)

    • I always liked Chili Cook Off’s in the fall. Fall is also Football !!! People love food, so big ole Pot Lucks are always a big hit. As for something completely different –you could raise money for a charity – nice things like that – have raffles etc.

  • OK so I started doing party planning for the bar and have no really decent ideas for the month of June. We are doing a monthly UFC fight and a monthly glow party, and so far this month we are doing a catfish fry on national catfish day and a summer party at the end of the month. We wanted a few more good ideas to boost lunch and week nights. Any one have any ideas would love to hear them. Thankyou

    • Chili Cook Off — Snow Cones with booze — Jello Shots — Dress like a tourist contest — A LUAU — Hula Hoop Contest — Match Car Races — afternoon Karaoke — there are a few ideas. Hope this helps you a bit. 🙂

  • hi i am the manager of the bar we just built a boat dock out side the bowling alley i could use some help or ideas for doing outdoor parties thank you kevin

    • Hi
      Well I have never owned a bar that you could party outside too !!! Lucky you !!! I use to go to a bar by the bay here in San Diego. They had a band outside. I don’t know what your laws are there — what restrictions you may have ??? You could have Chili Cook-offs, BBQ’s, dancing on the dock ??? Put up lots of decorations, themes? Limbo party ??? Tourist party – have your customers dress like tourist. Give out prices for best outfits. Ask your customers what they think would be fun. Have fun !!!

  • I am looking for different ideas for parties I like having them but I am looking for some new ideas. I want to draw a crowd in during the week. Thanks

    • Hi Tricia
      When I wanted a celebration — and it wasn’t a holiday — I would have a “just because party” and when I was a bartender — I would celebrate “trash day” — because if the trash wasn’t taken away weekly — owww that would suck. hahahha
      I would also have a customer appreciation day. Lots of things like that.
      We had lots of different potlucks, cause everyone I knew loved to eat. Lots of BBQ’s in the summer and even in the winter. Football is almost here !!! There are so many things that you can celebrate.
      Hope this helps. Take Care, Janie

  • Looking to shake the bar up a bit!

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