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Bar Party Ideas



There is so much work into throwing a big ole huge succesful party in your bar. However, if done right and much good planning has gone into it, it will end up being a blast and a money maker for all concerned. The bar owner usually makes a good profit,  after costs of the party is subtracted of course. Bartenders and cocktail waitresses usually bring home a big haul of cash because of a super busy bar. They also worked their butts off for that cash and earned every penny, believe me.


Now the thing is, planning a party can be some work and quite expensive. Especially if you are decorating and having food and a band or a DJ.


I threw parties all of the time. I loved them. To much fun that is for sure. The customers LOVE parties !
Any excuse to have a party I would usually do just that.


Seriously though, the more parties the better. It gets your bar talked about. People talk, word of mouth is the best advertising there is ! The following is a list of different ideas for planning a party.



There are so many ways to have a fun ole time in a bar. So just go for it. On this site you will find so many ideas on what to do and how to plan a party that will pretty much guarantee the bar will be packed with happy customers and happy employees and a very happy owner listening to the cash registers just ringing like crazy.




3 Responses to BAR PARTY IDEAS

  • Tricia says:

    I am looking for different ideas for parties I like having them but I am looking for some new ideas. I want to draw a crowd in during the week. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Hi Tricia
      When I wanted a celebration — and it wasn’t a holiday — I would have a “just because party” and when I was a bartender — I would celebrate “trash day” — because if the trash wasn’t taken away weekly — owww that would suck. hahahha
      I would also have a customer appreciation day. Lots of things like that.
      We had lots of different potlucks, cause everyone I knew loved to eat. Lots of BBQ’s in the summer and even in the winter. Football is almost here !!! There are so many things that you can celebrate.
      Hope this helps. Take Care, Janie

  • Emily says:

    Looking to shake the bar up a bit!

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