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How To Make Jello Shots

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Making Jello Shots



There are quite a few ways to make Jello Shooters


First of all,  you have to figure out what you want to make. Buy the Jello you need and be sure to buy enough. (Hopefully you can find the flavors you want) I buy the small or large boxes of Jello and have even used the Jello that comes in the huge bags. You just have to make sure you mix them correctly. Follow directions for how much boiling water and how much cold liquid you need. You NEED boiling water to dissolve the Jello sufficiently. Then how strong to make them? Well that is what you have to decide too. Just don’t forget that sometimes, to much booze in them can make them taste nasty.


My directions for making Jello Shooters are the basic


Put a cup of boiling water and a cup of liquor, but keep in mind that a full cup of booze may be to strong for some. So in a 1-Cup Measuring Cup, just put however much booze you want and then add cold water or juice or whatever so that it measures one cup of cold liquid. As long as you don’t go over the amount of liquids the Jello recipe calls for. If you do, you will have a complete failure. (Keep in mind, the one cup boiling water and one cup cold liquid is directions for a small box of Jello … read directions on Jello boxes if you use the bigger box or bags of Jello.


Jello Shooters are so much fun


and so many people love them. They can be a bit of a pain to make, especially if you need to make hundreds of them, but bartenders seem to love to make them. I know I did when I bar-tended, it was just nice to make something different. Then getting to be creative figuring out what flavors would taste good together. I have a Cordless Electric Teakettle that boils the water, so that really helps making Jello Shooters go a whole lot quicker and easier. I love that teapot !!!


What to put Jello Shooters in


There are several choices. You can use either Paper Souffle Cups or Jello Shot Cups & Lids plastic souffle cup.  (These are the best .. “why” you ask??? NO dishes !!!)  Well, I prefer the little paper cups instead of the harder plastic cups as you can get the Jello Shooter out of them easier. Just squeeze them into your mouth. The hard plastic ones are a bit harder to get the Jello Shooter out and into your mouth. You have to kind of lick them out, going around  with your tongue (OK Then  !!!) Some people spray the plastic cups with Pam Spray and whip them out a little… but that is up to you. The plastic cups however, are great because they have lids you can put on them. These cups travel perfectly. They stack real well, and you can put a whole mess of them in a cooler if you have to take them any distance.)

I have also seen some people put them in shot glasses, little drinking cups and rocks glasses and pudding dishes and even in ice-cube trays or little molds. I saw some cute Jello jigglers made from those little molds. So you can get creative with these. There are so many ways to make these, there is no right or wrong way really.  You just need to figure out how you like to make them and how strong you want them and just go with it !!!


How to pour them


This is another thing you will figure out with time. Everyone has their own way of pouring these without spilling jello everywhere. Here are a couple of ideas for you — turkey baster, plastic Squeeze Bottles with the nozzle (the kind you use for BBQ’s that you put ketchup in etc.) Measuring cup with the pouring deal on the side, there are actual jello shooter plastic bottles with a long tube spout you can buy. Anyway, you get the idea.


You can make so many different flavors


and they truly are very good. I honestly believe you can turn most any drink into a Jello Shooter. At least any of the drinks that have fruity booze or juice in them. It is not a science to make these things, but I do know that some of the bartenders came up with some pretty wild concoctions and man were they good.


Storing them is easy enough


I just want to advise you to be sure and make enough. Believe me they are popular.


You want to place them on Serving Trays — waitress trays are great for this or cookie sheets.

Just use something flat that holds a mess of them.


Obviously, you have to store them in the refrigerator. However, I find that making them a day ahead is great!!!  But you don’t want them sitting in the frig to long or they get gross. I use to make them in the morning of the day I was going to need them. They just taste better when not sitting in the frig for to long. Jello can get to weird if in refrigerator to long.


Be careful


Jello Shooters can get you pretty messed up if you indulge in to many of these little jewels. They creep up on ya, that is for sure.  I watched quite a few customers get ripped on these … after they said oh these are weak or these are for wimps. I have seen some of the biggest burliest get taken down by little jello shooters!!! Pretty funny, watching them get all messed up after way to many. But you almost can’t help yourself cause they really are tasty !!! I have had some that were made way to strong for my taste, but then again I am the forever lightweight.


I hope you enjoy the recipes


and have fun making these.
Make enough as they will go fast !


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4 Responses to How To Make Jello Shots

  • Hi, great site. How would you recommend pricing jello shots, individual and by the dozen?

    • Hi
      What a great question 🙂 Actually it depends on the size of the jello shot (1 oz. or 2 oz.?) and the type of booze that is in the jello shots. I usually charged $1.00 to $2.00 a piece. Unless there was high end alcohol in them. Then of course you should charge more. As for selling them by the dozen, well to be honest I never sold them that way – however, you could discount them by a dozen sale. Just say for instance that you were selling each jello shot for $2.00. So regular price would be $2.00 x 12 = $24. So just discount from there. Get 12 jello shots for $20.00, something like that. Hope this helps. Thanks for great question.
      Take Care,

  • Hi, I work in my local pub its a proper local always the same regulars in there which is great, we have the usual karaoke n bands once a month and BBQS but looking for ideas to get other people and locals interested in coming in, something different would be great if you could help me think of ideas, bearing in mind most of our customers are pretty much used to the same old same old :/
    Thank You, great sight by the way 🙂

    • Hi Charl
      TY so much for stopping by and for the compliment. Glad you like my site. As for getting new people into the pub — well if I’ve learned anything — I have learned word of mouth is the biggy.
      Also I always found that getting all of our bartenders together and going around to all of the other bars in town — got us out there. We always gained many new customers because we were all fun and had crazy personalities. Next thing you know — we had lots of new customers that became our regulars.
      As for the pub — just don’t ever let it get boring. That is a hard order to fill, but if you have a ho-hum bartender — that will definitely kill the bar business quick like.
      Be sure all bartenders are cheerful, friendly and fun. Nothing worse than a bartender that doesn’t like their job. You know what I mean???
      OK now just go through this site and check all the party ideas, chili cook-offs etc.
      Also when it comes to Karaoke — I love it — until all there are is slow songs being sung — OMG talk about a fall asleep bar. So I recommend a fun night of grab bag Karaoke, where there are lots of songs put in a bucket — the singer picks one and has to sing it. (We let everyone pick two songs out of the bucket and they had to choose one of the two to sing.) Lots of fun. Everyone enjoys it. Just get creative — and you will find many new people coming in, because the regulars will start talking about what a great pub it is to all their friends and relatives. Good luck to you, let me know how it goes.
      Take Care,

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