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Grain Alcohol


It is imperative

that you understand how strong Grain Alcohol is.
If you are so inclined to make drinks with these Grain alcohols, please use good judgement and do not over do it. This stuff is very strong — so beware!!!


Learn all about Alcohol by Volume and Alcohol Proof — if you are a bartender or a bar owner, you really should understand the difference in Alcohol by Volume and Alcohol Proof. It is always a good idea to know what you are serving your customers. A little knowledge goes a long way.


There are several types of Grain Alcohol. I have heard that some are even illegal in some States in the United States.
Below are some drink recipes made with these powerful Grain Alcohols. Just be careful when consuming any of these or any booze for that matter.


Have Fun, Just Be Smart.




15 Responses to GRAIN ALCOHOL

  • gary says:

    I’m looking for a pineapple moonshine recipe & a pear moonshine recipe…

    • Dave says:

      If you get the frozen pineapple in the bag at the store place in a gallon jar 3 cups of sugar and a bottle of very good vodka mix together let set for 3 weeks shake jar for 3 days to dissolve sugar

  • Anna says:

    Looking for grape moonshine recipe

    • jason curl says:

      Hello I was wondering if you ever did get a good grape moonshine recipe thanks

      • admin says:

        Hi Jason
        No I am sorry to say I have not found a grape moonshine recipe. I did however find several moonshine recipes on the web, that you make the moonshine with the yeast and stuff. I have no plans at the time to put that kind of moonshine recipes on my site. I am sure you have already searched in google — but for now that is all I could find. Sorry. I have not found a grape recipe in my personal recipes either. Sorry :(

        Take Care,

  • glenn says:

    Looking for a pumpkin spice flavored moonshine. Any ideas

  • Paul says:

    Would like a pineapple upside down cake receipe. I can’t wait to get started.

  • lewis says:

    I’m looking for a butterscotch moon shine recipe

    • admin says:

      Hi Lewis — hmmmmmmmm not sure if I have a recipe for that one, but I sure will try and find one for you. Sounds good too. Thanks for visiting.

      Take Care,

  • Pat says:

    I’m looking for coconut moonshine recipe.Can you help me out

    • admin says:

      Hi Pat
      Well so far I have not found anything. I still have lots of my own recipes to look through though. If I find a coconut moonshine recipe, I will let you know and I will post it on the Grain Alcohol page.
      Sorry I wasn’t any help at the moment, but I will keep looking. I have thousands of recipes from years of collecting them, the problem is they are all on paper, some on scraps of paper. Yikes – so it takes time to go through them all.
      Thanks for question.

    • bob says:

      Why not just infuse? Just take a jar, some coconut (cut, broken, shaved, whichever you prefer) and fill with vodka or neutral (everclear). Put somewhere dark, let sit. Taste every few days. Stain out booze into a bottle when reached desired flavor

  • johnny benton says:

    I’m trying to find different moonshine recipes including grape, peach pie, watermelon, lemon drop, etc. If you could please give me some recipes so I can make a batch or 10, thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Johnny
      I will be adding more moonshine recipes soon. I did however find several moonshine recipes just by searching for them. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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