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Blackberry Moonshine Recipe



Blackberry Moonshine




1 Bottle (Liter) Everclear

3 to 4 containers Blackberries – you want right around 20 ounces of berries


4 cups water

3 cups sugar — you might want to cut way back on the sugar–I have been informed that this is way to sweet. Maybe 1 1/2 cups instead. Read comments below.




Pour the grain alcohol into a large jar with a lid
(Jar should be at least 1/2 gallon in size)
Now put blackberries in with the Everclear
Crush the blackberries with a wood spoon
Seal the jar
Let the jar sit for 3 weeks
Shake the jar every other day
After the 3 weeks has passed — it is time to make the simple syrup
Bring water to a boil and add sugar
Stir constantly until the sugar dissolves
Let cool completely
While sugar is cooling
Strain the blackberries out of the jar
Return alcohol back into the jar
Now pour in the sugar mixture
Seal the jar
Let this sit for two weeks or even longer




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46 Responses to Blackberry Moonshine Recipe

  • Is ethanol OK to use straight from the bottle, cannot get hold of Everclear?

  • When you put all the mixtures together after the 3 weeks, can you separate it into several mason jars or do you have to keep it all in one?

  • Question, when bottling everything could you put some whole berries in with the moonshine for some added flavor, and booze berries after its gone? thanks

  • Heres a basic gallons worth. Bring 10 cups of water to a near boil. Dissolve in 3 cups of sugar and cool till under 90 degrees. Mix in 4 to 5 cups of everclear depending on how much you can handle and then 2 to 3 oz of Olive Nations or any equivalent of Blackberry Pure Extract. Jar it and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours and enjoy. You can get the extract from ebay or OliveNation.org. Enjoy

  • I made this and it was too strong..could not taste any black berry at all only the everclear..how many pints or qts should this recipe make because i got two qts and one pint from it..

    • Hi Jessica
      Sorry this came out so strong — check out the comments on this page, there is a lot of great advice here for this recipe

  • I was wondering, do you store in the fridge, freezer, or neither? My moonshine was already made & stored in the freezer, I added berries, and will do sugar syrup in 2 weeks.. then again.. storage options?? Thanks.

    • Hi Aimee
      Store in a cool place. You can store out of the fridge in a cool place like in a garage or basement.

  • I can get 1 gallon of blackberry already to mix in with my liquor at a brewing company in my town i live in. So would i still have to let the shine an blackberry rest for two weeks or would it be ready sooner? Thanks for the reply.

    • Hi Don
      That is a good question – of which I have no clue. hahah I would think that letting it sit would still be a good idea. But — I really don’t know if it would be ready sooner. Maybe someone out there knows the answer to this ???? Helpppppppp hahahah
      Thanks for asking Don — if you do find it tastes great after less time, let us all know OK ??? Thanks

      • It makes a smoother drink if it sits for a while. Even a week will make a difference. I let my moonshine sit for at least two weeks. Can’t wait to try blackberty!

  • Does this recipe compare at all to a store bought blackberry moonshine?

  • After putting blackberries in jar with everclear do you put in refrigerator

  • If I am using 90 proof Moonshine instead of Everclear, How much Moonshine will I need for this recipe?

    • Hi Trevor
      Everclear is either 151 or 190 proof, meaning 75.5 or 95 percent ethanol, respectively.
      As for the recipe, I would still use the same amount of Moonshine as Everclear. I would think that the taste of blackberry would change to much if you add more alcohol than the recipe calls for. Just my opinion. You will just have to experiment until it is to your liking.
      Thanks for question and for stopping by.

  • Would love more info on using juice. My Nutra Steamer extracts all the seed and pulp out and you get pure juice….but I guess the recipe proportions are not as clear with this method. Guess I can experiment…..but if you have any ideas

    • Hi Gloria
      Sounds like a great idea to use your Nutra Steamer, but you would just have to experiment, as I am not sure of the measurements of straight juice you would use. Let us know, if you do make recipe this way. I am interested in how it turns out and the amounts you used.
      Thanks for question.

    • 1 pound of any berrys is a good ratio

  • Can blackberry juice not from concentrate be used in place of blackberries and use less sugar?

    • Hi Happybetty
      Hmmmmmmm I am not sure, but it sure is a good idea. I guess you will have to try it and let us know if it tastes great or not ??? I like the idea. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to try this made lemon drop and it was delicious

  • Yes I found out to late that 3 cups of sugar was to much no biggie I just added more everclear and water, also you want to use cheese cloth to wring out the everclear from the berry pulp or you’ll lose about a cup of the full strength flavored alcohol.

  • Can I use frozen berries for this recipe? I have tons in the freezer. Maybe I would have to drain them before using them if frozen.

  • will a proof and trailles hydrometer work accurately for this recipe? or will the added sugars mess up the reading? if so, should i try one thats used to proof wine/beer?

  • Does anyone know what the amounts should be if I were to use a half gallon of 190 proof everclear?


  • 3 cups is way too much unless you like a syrupy drink when put in the freezer. Try 1 1/2 cups sugar to 4 cups water

    • Hi Braden
      After looking at many Moonshine recipes — most of them call for lots of sugar. I have not made this recipe, but with the booze, water and berries – I don’t know, I think 3 cups is about right.
      Not positive — but after researching lots of other recipes, it sounds about right.
      Aug 11, 2014 —
      OK it has been confirmed by several that 3 cups is way to sweet – I stand corrected.

      • Tried the recipe, good but very sweet with 3 cups of sugar. I guess it depends on what you want. Personally, I’m going to cut back on the sugar next time.

        • Hi Todd
          Oh Thank You for letting us know that. So many recipes for the different moonshine recipes call for 3 cups sugar — so I am glad you let us know this. I don’t like real sweet either. So Thank You so much for coming back here and commenting about all that sugar.

          Take Care,

  • Can you tell me what the proof of this blackberry moonshine would be? and would It be sweet with 3 cups of sugar?

    Thank you

    • Hi Dean
      The proof depends on what proof you use — usually 190 proof.

      I don’t think it would be to sweet. I know it sure sounds sweet, but if it were me, I would stick to the recipe — make a batch and see how it is and go from there.
      Aug 11, 2014
      Yes I have been corrected, this recipe comes out way to sweet with all that sugar.

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