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Bartenders Drinking


Bartenders Drinking Behind The Bar


NO NO NO !!! Plain and simple. When a bartender is behind the bar, they are there to work — they can drink on their off time. A bartender can still  have fun while working– but drinking behind the bar only leads to problems sooner or later.


Drinks From Customers


There were many times when my bartenders had drinks bought for them by their customers and they would want to drink when they were working. I would sometimes let them drink the last 15 minutes of their shift. That wasn’t always a good idea. Especially if they were the night bartender and still needed to close the bar. Meaning clean and count money etc. It just is not a good idea. It always seems to turn out bad. Especially if the bartender is a light weight. Anyway it is best to have the employee wait until she is not working to drink those drinks that customers bought.


It Is Illegal

in many places for bartenders or any employee in the bar to be drinking while they are working.


What If The Cops Came In


and the bartender was trashed or the doorman or bouncer were drunk??? Hmmmm … NOTHING GOOD COULD POSSIBLY COME OUT OF THAT!!!


I had to fire a bartender and a doorman before — “why” you ask? Well my doorman was drunk off his butt !!! This is the guy that check ID’s — so when I arrived at my bar and found my doorman drunker than drunk… well lets just say — I was not a happy camper.  I saw them both as risking my whole business. The bartender knew the rules and broke them by serving the doorman, so I let him go as well as the doorman.  Needless to say, I was so disappointed in both of them. You get what I am saying? I mean the problems could really get ugly… real ugly! I sure was glad I got there before a cop saw this. Geez!!!


So don’t drink or get high in anyway before you come to work or when you are on the clock. It really is that simple.


Bartenders Drinking Where They Work


on their days off??? I never had a problem with this.
I have heard of bartenders drunk in the bar that they work at and causing all kinds of big problems.


Some bar owners do not allow their employees to drink in their bar at all. Not when they are working and even if they are off the clock. I pretty much think that if you want to party — then play where you don’t work. If you just have to drink on your off time where you work — then be smart and don’t get so drunk that you lose control and probably respect of others and maybe your job. Show some class, ya know what I mean? Don’t be dumb !!!


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10 Responses to Bartenders Drinking

  • Hello Janie,

    I was curious about health codes for bars. I have watched a few episode of the “reality” show bar rescue and cant help but notice the disgusting service stations behind the bars. I can understand the bars that serve food may have routine inspections, but do regular bars. Thanks.

    • Hi Ephriam Moss
      Now that is a great question, and you gave me another article to write about. Yes there are health codes for bars – exactly the same as restaurants. They are visited by the health department often. However from my own experiences, I can tell you the health department could take some of there own classes. I can’t believe how filthy some places are — the health department still gives them an “A” rating. It is crazy. Even when I owned my bar, they would mark me down for dumb stuff, for instance — he told me to wash the outside of my cooler door. OMG really???? Anyway I didn’t see him look at anything important, like inside the coolers, or under the bar mats, or even the glasses. I do not get it. Like I said, I think those folks that come out and inspect could look a bit more for the filth. I have seen some nasty places — that I would not drink at. Look for an article about this on here soon. I will post the link here when I get done writing it. I have tons of things to talk about when it comes to cleaning bars.
      Thanks for the excellent question.
      Take Care,

  • I was recently injured in a car accident where I was struck by a drunk bartender who had just finished their shift. Is the bar or owner legally responsible?

    • Hi Lee
      This is one of those questions that has so many different answers — depending on where you live. I am not an attorney and would not be correct in giving you advice on this.

      I however, heard things like – you would have to prove this person only drank in the bar that she left from. For instance, can you prove this bartender didn’t continue drinking in their car?

      It is really hard to answer this, but I would recommend you find a good attorney that knows bar laws etc. It is illegal to continue serving an obvious drunk person and in many places it is illegal for a bartender to drink while working. So I would check it out. Drinking and driving is just plan stupidity!!!

      I am sorry this happened to you Lee and hope you are doing well now. Be sure to look into this as it is wrong for anyone to drink and drive!

      I think I will write an article on drinking and driving — I use to rant and rave at anybody that thought they were going to get in their car when I knew they had way to much. I was like this as a bartender and a bar owner. I did my best to be a responsible bartender and bar owner.

      So — I will be writing about this subject soon.
      Take Care,

  • shouldn’t you be able to trust a bar owner if you have had to many drinks not to put his hands on you.am I right here?if hes sober or drunk?

    • Hi Marge
      Yes you should be able to trust the owner and the bartender. I have read all 3 of your comments and am just posting this one. If something happened to you in a bar that should not have happened, then yes you have rights. You mention that you don’t remember — so I assume you were drunk? Are you a light weight and get drunk on only a little booze? Or were you over-served to the point of ridiculous.
      I was not there, so have no idea what happened and I am also not a lawyer. However there are laws that apply in bars or for that matter anywhere you are. Only you can decide what to do here and how to follow through with this. Maybe speak to an attorney or alcohol beverage control – ABC. Good Luck to you. Nothing worse than a drunk owner behind the bar!!!!!!!! I wish you luck in figuring this all out. Take Care

      • omg…you don’t know how much that means to me to hear you say that.i have cried for days an cant eat or sleep.jus sick that I did something wrong.my friends and I went in ther at 2 in afternoon for birthday party done lots of shots and beer.he served me till 3am.let me drive hm to boot.oh my…im jus sick….I know I should have left sooner an have learned a big lesson from all this.i would have never thought.thank you so much for talking to me.its much needed.

        • Hi Marge

          I am glad you feel better.
          Sorry you were over-served to the point that you were.
          I hate that this happened. Bar Owners need to be responsible, and it is sickening when they serve anyone to that point. Just really pisses me off!!!

          I am glad you also learned from this, because it is up to you to take care of you. :o)

          Take Care Of You Always!

  • Is it illegal for an owner to drink while serving beer in a bar.? There is a bar across from my buisness and both owners and bartenders drink while serving.

    • Hi Jenn
      I really can’t answer that question for you as laws for bars are different everywhere. It is probably illegal in some places, but it is pretty usual for the owner to drink a couple and hang out with the customers. I myself did not allow my bartenders to drink when they were on the clock. I just felt to much could happen and I want them alert if the police came in or a fight broke out etc.
      You could always call the authorities and find out.
      Thanks for the question.

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