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Apple Pie Moonshine



Apple Pie Moonshine



1 bottle (Liter) of 190 proof Moonshine or Grain Alcohol


1 Gallon Apple Cider
1 Gallon Apple Juice


3 cups Sugar
8 Cinnamon Sticks




In a large pot, pour in the Cider, Juice, Sugar and Cinnamon Sticks
Bring this to a boil, remove from heat and let cool
Add the Moonshine
Pour into Mason Jars and put on lids
You can drink this right away, but it tastes better after sitting for a couple of weeks
If you can’t find 190 proof Moonshine, you can always use Everclear
Beware as this is a strong drink, so take it easy and please NEVER DRINK and DRIVE !!!



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18 Responses to Apple Pie Moonshine

  • What was the alcohol content or proof be on this mixture

    • Hi Deltaboy
      Well it depends on what you use. Everclear usually comes in 2 proofs — 95% (190 proof), and 75.5% (151 proof) bottles. The 190 proof is the more popular of the two. Hope this helps.

  • If you do 1 1/2 cups of white and brown sugar. It gives it a little better flavor too, instead of all white.

  • Made this for a party and it stole the show! This recipe is spot on!

  • Anyone have a good Fruit Punch Moonshine recipe that can be bottled and stored for long periods of time? Anything will be appreciated!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

  • We like this recipe alot. I have recently tasted a watermelon moonshine that was very good. Do you have a recipe for that with 190 proof?

    • Hi Mike
      I have to look for the Watermelon Moonshine Recipe I think I had. I will try and post it within the week. I have a Peach Moonshine Recipe. I will try and find them. I collected recipes for many years and made many different types of booze drinks. I saved all the recipes — now to just find them easily. hahah Yeah, that never happens. haha

  • i recently made this recipe with 190 everclear and added a quarter apple piece and cin. Stick to jar, it looks nice and after two weeks apple was semi crisp and edible after finishing jar.

  • can you put freah cut apples and cinn. sticks in the jar and leave them in

    • Hi Dave
      Hmmm good question. I wonder if the apples wouldn’t turn to mush? If anyone has any info for Dave, it would be appreciated.
      Thanks for question Dave
      Take Care,

  • If I have 200 or 190 proof ethanol would I be able to use this recipe

    • Let me state that I have both 190 proof up to 200 proof. So using the recipes calls for 190 proof but if I use the 200 proof it will be okay just use less a liter?

      • Yes I think using a bit less of the 200 proof is probably a good idea. That stuff is pretty powerful. So be careful !

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